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All you need to manage your employees' commutes

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They optimized the journeys of their employees

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2 use cases


Your headquarters employees 

who could telework from one of your field sites

(branch, shop)


Your field employees
who could be relocated to a site closer to home with the same job or with career development.

3 steps to get your reallocation plan

Deadez un devis pour un Plan de mobilité domicile travail


It depends on the size of your business.

Diagnostic mobilité sur la base de votre fichier RH


A simple excel extract of your HR file. We discuss with your DPO to formalize the GDPR amendment.

Diagnostic et Plan de mobilité en ligne


Access your diagnosis and your job swap modules.

Votre Plan de mobilité clé en main

You too, make people happy!

Demandez une démo de 1km à Pied

French people want to work close to their home

👉 60% of French workers have a field job not eligible for teleworking(Sourceconcord foundation)

👉 13.3 km :average home-to-work journey in France one way, too long to be cycleable(Source SDES EMP 2019)

👉 74% of French workers still travel to work by car(sourceINSEE 2017,FIFG 2021)

👉108 billion:Cost of absenteeism for 18 days / employee / year, i.e. €4150 / employee.

(Source :sapiens institute)

👉 69% of French people are ready to leave their job to find a closer one

(Source Region Job)

👉 60% believe that the journey is the 1st criterion for choosing a job before the salary/interest

(Source Meteojob)


👉 52% of French people are ready to lower their salary to work less than 20 minutes from home

(Source FIFG)

👉65%of employees of our multi-site customers have a site of their employer closer to home according to our 18-month experience on more than 20 customers.

(Source 1km à Pied. Data that will be refined in the coming months with our new customers)

Reducing commutes has many advantages

Marie Le Moigne 

Responsable développement

+33 6 37 48 74 06 

+33 3 68 78 04 49

Demandez une démo de 1km à Pied
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2 in 1 :
Reallocation + Employer Mobility Plan

When you load your HR file on 1km à Pied, you first get a mobility diagnosis of your employees' current home-work journeys:

Map, duration, distance, costs, carbon impact.... 

You also get a costing of alternatives to the individual car for each employee. Quantified and prioritized mobility actions will be the basis of yourEmployer Mobility Planwhich you can present to your PR to move towards a mobility agreement.

You can also assess your need for a Sustainable Mobility Package.

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