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All you need to manage your employees' commutes

Visualize in 48 hours the impact of your company move on your employees home-to-work journeys to anticipate and reduce potential turnover.

How it works ?

Deadez un devis pour un Plan de mobilité domicile travail


It is tailored to your needs and the size of your business.

Diagnostic mobilité sur la base de votre fichier RH


A simple anonymized Excel file. We guide your HR team and sign a GDPR contract.

Diagnostic et Plan de mobilité en ligne


Access your impact study and your comparative diagnosis.

Votre Plan de mobilité clé en main

They support us


"Superb tool to improve the mobility of our employees. After sending a file with some information, 1km on foot provided us with a multitude of indicators, information, advice and practical tools to enable us to make the right decisions. Congratulations to the team for the quality of the platform and the responsiveness! "

Quentin Leclarcq-Dory  

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Reducing commutes has many advantages


Sustainable mobility expertise

14 years of experience in sustainable mobility consulting. Beyond your move, we will take advantage of the restitution to enlighten you on your other mobility issues:employer mobility plan,internal mobility between sites,Sustainable Mobility Package,mobility credit,anticipate your installation in a Low Emission Zone.... 


Complete tool for auditing home-to-work journeys

Mobility diagnosis and mapping delivered on an interactive and intuitive platform that allows you to filter according to your criteria. Our mobility audit is based on the real journey times according to different modes: walking, cycling, VAE, public transport and by car, taking into account rush hour traffic.


Public purchase

Public purchase facilitated on simple estimate thanks to our UGAP label. Our solution has also received the Greetech innovation label from the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Reducing commutes has many advantages

Marie Le Moigne 

Responsable développement

+33 6 37 48 74 06 

+33 3 68 78 04 49

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2 in 1 :
Moving Study + Employer Mobility Plan

Our diagnosis includes free costing of alternatives to the individual car which will be the basis of yourEmployer Mobility Plan.

Calculation of employees concerned by: walking, cycling, carpooling, public transport, coworking, teleworking

We help you calculate the ideal and relevant amount for your Sustainable Mobility Package

Our moving impact study will also give you accessibility according to different modes and the outline of theEmployer mobility planto allow you to make a 2 in 1 in advance of yourNAO mobility.

A moving study,a necessity

👉 Choose the establishment that will avoid the most turnover

👉 Identify risky situations to implement HR actions (good level of telework, corpworking, co-working,internal mobility)

👉 Measure the impact on your carbon footprint

To find out more about the risks of turnover linked to longer journeys, here is our article on the importance of properly carrying out a location study before your move.

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