Mobility diagnosis

Why do a mobility diagnosis?

  • Understand your mobility challenges

  • Complete your Carbon Footprint or CSR report

  • Compare different addresses for a future move (before / after on several addresses)

  • Calculate potential candidates for the sustainable mobility package

Demandez une démo de 1km à Pied

Content of the diagnosis

Plug in your file  of staff, you will get:


Fifteen key indicators to understand the impacts and risks associated with mobility.


Your establishment's multimodal card ready to broadcast in your premises.

Employee files

The diagnosis and impact of each journey as well as realistic alternatives to the car.

A demo of the platform?


You will better understand the mobility situation of your employees and the leeway you have for the future.


After validation of the quote you will have access to your secure space on


You will upload your anonymized HR file after signing a GDPR contract (ready to validate with your services)


12h00 later you will have access to your key indicators and will be able to navigate on the maps: ready for your team meeting!


We are available by phone and video to answer your questions

Who is a Mobility diagnostic for?

Your HR team

for HR risk assessment or  the study of an HR policy for teleworking or coworking.

Your general services

for possible savings on own or outside parking.

Your CSR team

for social and environmental impact measurement and study of the Mobility Plan.

Your external communications team

for measurement  reputation and employer brand risk


A diagnosis is a photograph of the moment T. To develop your Mobility Plan and implement concrete actions, we have created a real toolbox to make your life easier!